The battle between the white and black swan

I had always had the idea that I wanted to create a photo that shows the feelings that go on inside a ballerina before going on stage.  The recent film ‘The Black Swan’ rekindled this idea and I have attempted my own version here.  A lovely dancer model agreed to do the shoot with me and we created the two looks on the day.  This was shot using a tripod taped to the floor to avoid any movements of the camera frame as I’d need to join the pictures together in post afterwards.  I then marked out a visual frame where each ‘swan’ could pose within.  We tried various poses of both swans and decided that the black swan being more aggressive and standing up over the more passive and emotive white swan worked best.  It was then a case of lighting each side of the room evenly with the model in shot.  For this I used a Bowen’s beauty dish and grid to avoid too much light spill and really bring the focus onto the ballerina’s and not the background.


Author: Elton

Documentary and artistic wedding photographer

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