15 and 23


15 is the official number but in reality it is actually 23.  On 12th August in the Millennium I was married to Katie (always helps with remembering which anniversary you are on) at Frensham Heights.  This is a boarding school that shuts over Summer and is a beautiful old building with glorious views over the Surrey hills.  I cannot say I remember everything like it was yesterday but it is very true that there are loads of snippets that always float back into the mind when something triggers them.  As I spend all my time at weddings you can safely say they get triggered a lot.  We have never been back there since which seems a shame but as it is not a hotel you cannot just book a romantic evening in there, so you couples who have that luxury, enjoy it.  We’ve often discussed whether we would want to shoot another wedding there too as we kind of want the last wedding we spent there to be ours.  Probably selfish but maybe a little romantic too and if your thinking of getting married there we can heartily recommend it and you can of course test your powers of persuasion on us too if you like.

So why 23?  Well we met at Farnborough College of Technology back when we were 18 and have been together ever since, so married 15 together 23.  Sunny Bournemouth beckons with a hotel booked by the beach, spa for the afternoon and meal and beach walks for the evening.  It may be the height of wedding season but I’ve learnt to take the time to celebrate our own milestones too.

Author: Elton

Documentary and artistic wedding photographer

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